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Industrial and process planning


Specialists for demanding projects

We are specialists for demanding projects in the fields of water, air, chemicals, gases and electricity. This is guaranteed by a high level of solution competence, many years of international experiences, challenging customers and the desire to develop an overall system that stands for long-term success.


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Water recycling, CO2 neutrality, air washing, ultrapure media, clean room, supply of chemicals, special gases, life safety systems


Our great strength:
we know the beginning and the end

Bluesite Solutions is a young company, but our team is made up of experienced experts. We are focused on planning, but never lose sight of the big picture. It's challenges we love.

We have implemented large-scale industrial plants internationally for decades. From planning to commissioning including plant construction. We know both very well:  process planning and what the construction site needs. That is why we are very familiar with optimization potential and possible weak points.

From laboratory size to large industrial plant

If you intend to expand your company in stages, we plan modularly. In this way, every expansion stage succeeds without friction losses up to the full expansion in the overall system of a large industrial plant. But we are also the right partner for small laboratory-sized units.

We also optimize your plant inventory

Due to the changed wastewater ordinance in Germany in 2022, existing systems must be adapted promptly. This affects chip manufacturers in particular, whose waste water contains special chemical components that were not previously regulated. If you need action here, we will be happy to help you!


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