The history of Bluesite Solutions is short, but our experience in process technology is long. We are a team of experienced specialists who stand for optimal solutions.

Frank Mielke

The strenght is to be found in serenity

The basis for Frank's career choice was an apprenticeship in a mechanical profession. But soon it was a bit too cramped for the motorcycle freak living in Bergheim near Cologne. After the master craftsman's examination, he switched to plant construction and process engineering, where the challenges were greater and a basic understanding of mechanics was required.

His skills in the areas of water, waste water, chemicals and exhaust air have been perfected over the years in a renowned German company. From 2008 he was site manager there and from 2010 he was responsible for projects in plant construction for the solar industry, PV cell plants, ... at the following locations: India, Malaysia, Frankfurt, Vietnam and Dresden.

What distinguishes Frank? His visual understanding. A plan is immediately translated into a real image in Frank's mind. There he can see in a matter of seconds what is actually possible and what is simply not technically possible.
The step into self-employment in 2021 was well thought out and carried out consistently. As Managing Director of Bluesite Solutions GmbH, all wires now come together for him.

Elmar A. Wimmer

When competence and networking work together
During his studies at the Technical University in Graz, he worked in his father's technical office, which he took over almost 20 years ago and steered in a completely new direction. It was the birth of the solar industry, large projects from Austria to India were looking for competent partners who were able to think and plan in new process systems.

After India came Latin America, and now the high-tech industry is developing right on our doorstep in Europe. In the intensive examination of the process engineering, the planning office e+c has constantly developed under Elmar's leadership and successfully implemented large orders from market leaders in the areas of semiconductor industry, battery production, PV cell production.

What distinguishes Elmar? He loves challenges, he thinks about solutions before problems even arise. In addition to the process technology, the big plus is the many years of experience in the field of electrical and building services. In this way, synergies can be closed and future-proof systems can be developed.


Wolfgang Weidinger

Where technology and entrepreneurship come together
Having grown up in a thriving HVAC operation, Wolfgang lived the close connection between technology and entrepreneurship from an early age. He continued to focus on this connection in his education. Technically trained in the field of electrical engineering and renewable energies, entrepreneurial through a business administration degree with acore competence on financing and organization.

For more than 20 years he has acted at managing director level. First in setting up a production company for highly efficient monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, then in the strategic positioning and reorganization of a group of companies for integrated energy systems. Current fields of action are also investment solutions and the project development of synthetic fuels from biomass and waste.

What distinguishes Wolfgang? A good dose of humor spices up everyday life and cooperation with the team player immensely. That should not distract from the fact that he meticulously gets to the bottom of technical and economic things: in greenfield projects as well as in restructuring.