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High-tech solutions for high-tech customers: We plan process systems and solutions for the industrial production of highly sensitive components: chips, batteries, PV cells, clean rooms...

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to the high-tech industry

Innovative process technology never stops developing, especially in the area of ​​water recycling and CO2 neutrality. Our goal is to conserve resources and secure your company for the future. We are at the forefront of planning.


Time for exceptional problem-solving skills. Our horizon of experience was trained under extreme conditions. The construction of a photovoltaic plant in Argentina's earthquake zone has completely different planning requirements than a battery plant in Germany or solar cell production in India. Here we are experienced enough, competent enough and flexible enough.


The chips of the future

Semiconductor production is a highly toxic business, exhaust air and waste water endanger the environment and the health of many people. Chip factories were already closed in 2022 due to EU legislation.

Through our planning activities for two of the largest chip manufacturers in Europe, who do not see sustainability as "greenwashing" but as real recycling cycles, we are a suitable partner for you in the areas of air, water (pure water, recycling, ...), clean room, chemical supply, specialty gases ...



Power from the sun

The market share of European PV cell production on the world market is well below 0.5 percent. We have gained our experience (since 2010) in Asian countries and in the Latin American market.

From planning in the area of ​​waste water to ultrapure water, air washing, chemical supply, special gases including life safety systems and the corresponding recycling systems and energy management, we offer professional planning which is precisely tailored to your requirements.



Batteries for e-mobility

The growth in batteries required for electric cars is enormous. Investors are following the trend and are migrating from the Asian market towards Europe. Germany is slowly developing into a hotspot, even Asian corporations are building production capacities here now.

Dealing with the decreasing water capacities in a resource-saving way (water recycling) and developing processes that can minimize or neutralize the enormous CO2 emissions is a task for specialists like us. We already have experience in this.



Printed circuit boards (PCB) are the interface between the semiconductor and the end device. Smartphones, for example, or medical products. Their job is to transmit electrical signals, they are made of copper, conductors and paint, their production is a complex high-tech process in which chemicals, special gases, exhaust air treatment, waste water and the purest process water play an important role.

In this field we are planning for one of the world's leading PCB manufacturers.